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My name is Angelica Danton and I have written about and studied astrology for many years.My book on astrology ,”Goddess Signs ” was published in 2004 by Llewellyn Publishers.I wrote an online column for Llewellyn for several years as well and have been a regular contributor  to a number of publications online and off including Destiny Magazine, and the former Realms, as well as being a specialist writer as well .I currently lecture in astrology in promotions and in festivals .I will be writing on a number of areas herein, including astrology and am going to offer a reading of one person a month on their chart and a specific question.Please send me your full date of birth, your time, place and name or alias if you prefer privacy.Ask me one question that is relevant to you now, but only one question and you will be allowed a question after we have completed your chart and I have looked at it.

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Author,"Goddess Signs".Specialist Writer.Astrologer.Special Consultant.

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