Freddie Mercury,the Mystery Man – Was it all in his stars?Part one.

Freddie Mercury had it all, fame , adulation and talent that stunned the world.Much of his life still remains private.Was his destiny in the stars?

Let’s find out.

I propose no conspiracy theory around his life and death but will look at his life as it may have been driven by his chart.

When he was born in Zanzibar on September 5 1946, his chart promised a lot and delivered it. With the powerful Mercury patterns that he had it is small wonder Mercury called himself after the planet ,and made a design for his band Queen of their four astrology signs.

Without his actual time of birth,one cannot with accuracy place his ascendant, so we will assume the time of birth of 12 noon.

Farookh Balsara,his given name at birth, was born with the Sun in Virgo, Moon in Capricorn and Mercury in Virgo. Very strong aspects to his natal Mercury show up as well with a Moon trine Mercury and Mercury sextile Venus.

This combination would give Freddie the ability to write lyrics and music with ease and fluency.His capacity to please a crowd was the stuff of legend, as was his naturally pleasing stage personality and charisma , shown by the Uranus in Gemini on the North Node aspected well to Mars in Libra.His Venus was conjunct his natal Jupiter as well, giving him a buoyancy and energy that displayed itself in his exuberant and generous presence with fans .

Mercury’s chart showed a wealth of positive aspects that would have guaranteed him success as an artist.Mars in Libra shows in charts of strong rulers,so it is not surprising the other band member admired him but also found him autocratic.

Mars trine Uranus and Mars trine Nth Node however,would have provided him with the charm he needed to carry off any amount of persuasion in his relationships,and no doubt was a large part of his success as an artist.His natal position shows a deep thinker with strong emotions and a brilliant mind.

He is reputed to have fought problems with substance abuse,perhaps not surprising with Neptune in Libra square his Moon in Capricorn.Although he appeared to have a close relationship with his Mother,and spoke of a Mother in his famed song,Bohemian Rhapsody,the Moon in Capricorn often goes with a childhood that in some way could have been deprived.Drug abuse could have given him escape from memories he may never have shared or shared with few .

Biographers mention the isolation and bullying he experienced at school,which may have been a catalyst for him to write the dark yet powerful song that would cement his fame,Bohemian Rhapsody.

Although a number of aspects in his chart show a positive energy and a strong determination,Mercury would have been a complex character.He may also felt strongly conscious of his Father’s disapproval of his preferences for a rock star lifestyle, and the unconventional love life he seemed drawn to.

Looking again at his chart,we see he had Saturn in Leo square Venus in late Libra.Saturn square Venus aspects can incline the native born under them to difficulty in expressing the emotions.Love can often come later in life or have obstacles to fulfillment,as we see in his later relationship with his last lover Jim Hutton.

Mercury referred to himself as bisexual and interestingly,with a number of powerful Libran placements he may have been.His natal Venus position shows that he was a man of depth and commitment but his Uranian nature may have played him against settling into any conventional life.

Had he lived longer,his chart may have inclined him to politics or other causes.Lilith in Sagittarius squares his Sun in Virgo,which may have led Mercury to extremes at various parts of his life in the search for new and more exciting experiences.

Did he think of himself as gifted by the Gods,taking the name Mercury,a God in Roman history that was often interchanged with Hermes,the Teacher?The concept of Hermes as a Magician is interesting as Mercury often dressed flamboyantly in harlequin attire.

His family background shows a belief in Zorastrianism,so it is well possible he studied esoteric ideas and even looked deeply into old concepts of man and the cosmos.

I always thought the band Queen  in the early days, evoked Elizabethan England when mystics and scientists abounded.

Fascinating yet elusive,Mercury looks as if the real man he may have been in his very private self will remain a mystery and an enigma. His music and spirit will remain with us, though,of that, I have no doubt.Perhaps one day we may learn more of his spiritual veiws.

Was his destiny mapped out by his Stars?I would say yes if you look at the Metaphysical Map.

To me astrology is a philosophy and an art form not a science we can prove in a lab situation.

As an art form,we can glean insights in mysterious lives and situations with the use of it as a tool.We may not reach rock solid proof conclusions in the pursuit of understanding life with this tool,but we can enjoy using our mind to work with it, and find surprising results.

One can still respect areas that need proper proof,while enjoying use of same in areas of mystery and interest.

My work has been in both areas,that is gathering real evidence for research,and specialized writing in this manner.

I rather wonder if Mercury may have shared this view with those of us who have time for the deeper study of the stars in this way?

Next in Part 2,I will look at his year of birth and his animal sign.








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