Nextdoor Neighbor

Nextdoor Neighbor


Note: N.N. nomen nominandum (name hither to unknown)


I have had my fair share of Paranormal Activities. From UFOs to Ghosts to Pastlife Visions, you name it and I probably have a story to share. And that is actually the topic of this N.N. article series here on Cryptic Memo, to share with you some of the experiences that I’ve had. If you’re reading this, then likelihood is that you’re interested in these subjects as well, and probably have your own stories to tell. One thing’s for sure: You are not alone. WE are not alone!

Article 1 – Part 1

First UFO Experience

Being raised as an Atheist, I was naturally skeptical of all things paranormal. That would all come to change, but that’s a story for another day. While I was still a young Atheist in the 10th Grade I had my first UFO Experience.

I had invited my High School Sweetheart over to my house. It’s interesting looking back on this in retrospect, because we would always chill at her house. This was actually the only time we ever hung out at my place. But as fate would have it, that was the set up for a very strange sighting to come.

She had been over for a handful of hours and the day had turned to night. After calling her father for a ride home, we went outside to wait for him to arrive. Perhaps romantically, we laid down on the front lawn and looked up at the stars. Just a few minutes later…

Her: What’s that!?

Me: What’s what?

She pointed North into the sky, “That!” and so I looked where she was pointing and a few seconds I saw what she was seeing. It was a circular shape, almost a shadow of a cloud, moving towards us. It was very obvious that it was a legitimate UFO. Now this thing was floating obliviously through the sky, quite slowly, and even lower than a News Helicopter might circle around bad traffic. Though the object itself was completely silently moving through the night.

My street ran North to South, and as this object was about to pass directly overhead us, I was already in the street gaping in awe at this UFO. As it was quite actually right above us, I could see that it was perceptibly a circular craft. It also had 4 smaller circles within it. Now what was really interesting to me, it was partially see through! I could see the stars through it, but it was clearly there, too!

And then it changed it course to a South East direction. I could not keep my eyes off of this thing! Suddenly I was struck with this eerie haunting feeling of “They know that I know that they know that I know that they know that we could see them.”

Then as slowly as they came, they drifted off into the darkness of the night. This half cloaked UFO with unmatched silence and mysterious crew of “they” had come into our lives unexpectedly. And shortly after it had left, my girlfriend’s dad had appeared.

After saying our goodbyes and shock/disbelief of actually having witnessed a UFO together, we said we’d talk about this in the morning at school. Myself, I went back inside my house and told my family. They didn’t really react in any enthusiastic way. And in fact probably did not understand that this wasn’t some shooting star kind of sighting. I don’t blame them, they were the Scientifically Minded, Evidence Based, Atheist family that I grew up in. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

As with these kinds of sightings… as I’ve learned… it doesn’t really change your day to day life. My GF and I never really talked about it much. Except maybe reconnecting years later: “Remember that UFO?” “Yeah! That was crazy!”

…Article 1 – Part 2 coming soon…

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